Signia Hearing Aids

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Signia is the new name for Siemens Hearing Aids, a company that have been helping the world to hear for over 130 years, ever since Werner Von Siemens developed a telephone receiver that helped the hearing impaired in 1878.


Primax is the latest offering from Signia. Building on the Siemens Binax platform Primax offers the latest in effortless hearing, speech understanding and HD Music technology. It also introduces for the very first time a CROS hearing system for sufferers of severe single sided hearing loss. For more information click here.


In order to emulate natural binaural hearing Binax technology links the two hearing aids, just like the brain uses input from both ears. Using e2e (ear to ear) technology to exchange audio signals between two hearing aids in a bilateral fitting. From more information on Signia Binax click here.