The Hearing Centre was established in 2008 by Claire Marshall as an independent specialist hearing and tinnitus centre, with no affiliation to any one manufacturer. Backed by 4 leading ENT Consultants, we are a fully independent hearing aid provider offering a comprehensive range of hearing aids from all the major manufacturers, ensuring that you get the right hearing aid for your requirements.

Priding ourselves on offering the highest levels of service, all our consultations are carried out by a qualified Audiologist with a BSc Honours in Audiology and NHS experience. Having the highest level of hearing knowledge and expertise ensures we fully understand our clients hearing needs.

We also offer ear wax removal, swimming moulds, musician ear plugs, noise protection and hearing tests for legal and industrial requirements.

The Hearing Centre is situated at 97b Sibson Road, Birstall where we have free public parking and are close to public transport,  making it as easy as possible to access our service no matter where in Leicestershire you live, so why not pay us a visit?

For more information on our team visit our Audiologists page.