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If you have noticed a change to your hearing or have and concerns regarding your hearing, book a free hearing assessment with one of our audiologist online today. 

Who qualifies for a free hearing test?

Hearing tests are free of charge for over 18’s.

Here at The Hearing Centre we pride ourselves with offering the highest quality service. Clients do not need a medical referral to access our services. We encourage anyone who has a concern about their hearing to have a full hearing test.

How to book your free hearing test

Signs you might need a hearing check

  • You find it difficult to listen to conversations or the TV when there’s background noise
  • Speaking and hearing people on the phone is difficult, even in a quiet room
  • You have to ask others to repeat themselves often, or it sounds like they’re mumbling
  • You might find it hard to keep up with conversation when in group situations
  • You might feel stressed or tired from having to concentrate while listening
  • Family members will mention that the TV is too loud, or that you’re shouting
  • Loved ones might hint that you’re finding it difficult to hear too

What happens at a hearing test

A free hearing test at The Hearing Centre allows you to find out how well you’re hearing, as well as assessing the health of your ears. During a hearing test your audiologist will:


  • Perform Otoscopy to check the overall health of your ears
  • Conduct the hearing test in a sound booth
  • Discuss results of the hearing test
  • Advise on aftercare and next steps depending on the outcome of the check

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Terms and Conditions

A Hearing Check or Hearing Assessment appointment is free. If you require a hearing test with written report there is a charge.