Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon’s latest range of hearing aids the Alta2 Pro, Nera2 Pro and Ria2 Pro, are powered by Oticon’s Inium Sense Platform. The new sophisticated sound processor increases the processing power of Oticon’s proven BrainHearing™ technologies by 30% to deliver their purest sound signal. They say the result is a more natural listening experience with less effort and delivers up to 20% better soft speech understanding.

BrainHearing™: sound that makes more sense

Hearing care traditionally focuses on delivering audible sound at frequencies where the user has a hearing loss. But this approach has limitations if we want to ensure the brain can make sense of the sounds it receives.

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This is why we have moved from an “ear first” to a “brain first” approach. Implementing BrainHearing technology to our Alta models has given impressive results:

– Traditional “ear-hearing” devices: 79% user satisfaction rating*
– BrainHearing™ technology: 96% user satisfaction rating**


Delivering what the brain needs
There are four functions the brain needs to carry out to make sense of the sound it receives:

– orient the different sounds, using both ears
– separate the sounds to be able to focus on desired source
– focus on what’s important, using both ears
– recognise what each sound is and make sense of it


BrainHearing is designed to deliver the right sounds to the brain so these four functions can be carried out. Working seamlessly across both ears, BrainHearing technology combines the following features:

Spatial Sound
Inium technology allows binaural processing, meaning both ears deliver more precise spatial information to the brain. This helps the brain orient the sounds and make spatial sense ofthe outside world.

Speech Guard
By prioritizing speech and preserving its characteristics, Speech Guard helps the brain recognise and separate speech sounds, making it easier to focus on conversations.

Free Focus
Working together with Spatial Sound and Speech Guard, Free Focus gives users a wide choice of directionality so they can focus on what’s important. This can be a vital help in challenging, noisy environments.

YouMatic tunes the hearing instruments to better adapt to an individual’s own interpretation of sounds. This can help you provide the right level of help to clients, so they can each make better sense of the sound they wish to access.

With each of these features working together, BrainHearing™ aims to gives a listening experience beyond that of traditional “ear-hearing” methods.

Technology levels

RIC (Receiver In The Canal) Hearing Aids

Oticon designRITEdesignRITE

The beautiful designRITE instrument has been recognised with international design awards, reflecting the combination of great sound quality with ergonomic and beautiful design for comfortable wearing.

Oticon miniRITE


The new miniRITE sits better and more discreetly behind the ear

Oticon RITE


A small bud or individually moulded earpiece holds the loudspeaker in place. Provides clear and natural sound quality.The RITE instruments use Oticon’s next generation miniFit receiver line and soft domes.

MiniBTEOticon MiniBTE

The introduction of the miniBTE style means our best-in-class technology in a much smaller, and very stylish package. The amazingly small miniBTE shell houses some of the most powerful sound processing technologies available


Available both as thin tube and hook solution, our new miniBTE style is as small as the smallest, fully wireless, delivers highly competitive sound output and quality, and extends to higher frequencies than any other!

BTE (Behind the Ear) Hearing Aids



Oticon Dynamo is a powerful solution designed to increase speech understanding for patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Built on the Inium Sense platform and BrainHearing™ technology, Dynamo offers a new, unique approach to sound processing. Oticon’s innovative frequency lowering
technology, Speech Rescue™, works in combination with Oticon’s advanced compression system, Speech Guard E, to increase speech understanding.

Custom ITE (In The Ear) Hearing Aids

Custom hearing aids are made to sit comfortably in your ear canal, making it completely unnoticeable. The perfect choice for users looking for ultimate discretion.

Oticon Accessories



Oticon ConnectLine allows you to get the most out of your Oticon hearing aids in more situations.

ConnectLine is a series of devices that can connect to a wide variety of entertainment and communication applications, to transform your hearing aids into a personal wireless headset, to improve your overall listening and communication experiences.

From having a phone conversation, watching TV, to listening to music, whichever is most useful for your needs, you will find easier and less exhausting.

Streamer ProOticon Streamer Pro

Works as a remote control for your hearing aids, to allow for easy change of programmes or volume adjustment. It can also be used to transmit practically any audio source through the streamer to your hearing aids.

Worn around the neck and very easy to use, it improves communication, and audibility of a phone call, to the TV and music.

With a built in telecoil, connects you to many looped locations at a touch of a button. The streamer also works as a gateway to the ConnectLine App, which offers a discreet way of controlling the hearing aids and the ConnectLine system.

Oticon Connect Line TV AdapterConnectLine TV Adapter

Transmits sound from your TV, through the Streamer Pro and into your hearing aids, so you can enjoy high quality TV sound clearly and at a level the whole family can enjoy.

Oticon Connectline Microphone

ConnectLine Microphone

Hearing the voices you want to hear while in a noisy situation, whether it’s on the street, in a restaurant or in a meeting can be a challenge. The ConnectLine microphone offers an effective solution to make these situations less challenging. The microphone is a small and discreet wireless device that can be worn by the person you’re talking to, helping you understand better in these situations.

All of Oticons latest range of hearing aids are available in a choice of designs and colours to allow you to customise the product to suit your lifestyle.

For more information on any of the Oticon products listed above, to request a brochure or to arrange an appointment for a hearing consultation contact us on 0116 254 3909 or book online.

* MarkeTrak VIII study, Kochkin, S. et al 2010Oticon logo
** Oticon Alta International Satisfaction Study, 2013