Claire qualified as an Audiologist with first-class honours from De Montfort University, Leicester. Her training included placements at the Leicester Royal Infirmary and at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Claire established The Hearing Centre in 2008. Here she is committed to providing the very best in hearing care, conducting audiometric testing using the most up to date equipment and has access to the latest hearing aid technology. As an independent practice she has access to all hearing technologies from all manufacturers. Claire is always keen to learn and keep up to date with the fast moving world of Audiology, regularly attending national and international conferences and training academies.

As well as running The Hearing Centre and performing diagnostic hearing and balance investigations, Claire worked as a Senior Audiologist in the NHS at the Leicester Royal Infirmary for a number of years. Her time here gave her a wealth of experience with NHS hearing aids. After leaving the NHS, Claire moved to the Ear Foundation, a charity based in Nottingham. Working with The Ear Foundation Claire worked with Cochlear Implants and Bone Anchored Hearing Aids.

Audiologist Leicester

Within her role Claire worked as part of the Sound Advice service and established the resource centre which has given individuals the opportunity to try assistive listening devices such as telephones, Bluetooth devices, loop systems and FM Systems which they would not have previously used.

Claire’s experience has given her an excellent foundation for her private practice. By working close with the ENT Consultants she has specialised in complex hearing aid fittings. Claire has a vast amount of experience working with those with hearing loss as a result of otological factors such as: menieres disease, otoscerosis, single-sided hearing loss, tinnitus, conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss. Her experience with all hearing technologies means that Claire is able to look at all options available including: invisible in the canal, receiver in the canal, behind the ear, in the ear hearing aids, bone conduction hearing aids, bone anchored hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Audiologist Leicester



Leanne qualified with a degree in Audiology from De Montfort University along side Claire.

Once qualifying Leanne obtained a position as a Senior Audiologist at the hearing services department based at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. Here she worked with a range of technologies to give the residents of Leicester and Leicestershire the care they needed so that they could enjoy listening to the world around them.

Hearing plays a large part in social interaction, and poor hearing which if left unmanaged, has been linked with a greater chance of suffering from dementia. As part of her role, she became a dementia champion.

In the last 8 years Leanne took a keen interest in paediatric audiology and obtained a post graduate certificate in effective amplification for children. Leanne has worked within a small team to provide Leicestershire and its borders with a hearing aid service offering both air conduction and bone conduction hearing aids, taking a proactive approach to hearing aid implementation.

Leanne moved from the NHS to the private sector in 2021 and now enjoys being able to have the time and access to the latest technology to deliver excellent hearing care to her clients.