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Welcome to The Hearing Centre. Our team of Audiologists specialise in hearing loss and tinnitus treatments. Our aim is to make our clients feel good about their hearing, so in an effort to provide quality, accurate fitting and fair pricing, we have established a service with the highest standards. Having close working relationships with The London Road Clinic enables us to solve the most complex hearing problems and help people who suffer with severe tinnitus. We specialise in advanced hearing investigations and digital hearing aids not available through the NHS. Our hearing centres are located in Leicester and Market Harborough.   Home visits are available throughout Leicestershire.


Why am I losing hearing?

Hearing loss can happen suddenly or over a long period of time; it can also be temporary or permanent. At the Hearing Centre we specialise in diagnosing a wide range of hearing impairments in the Market Harborough and Leicester areas. Here audiologist Claire Marshall...

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How to treat conductive hearing loss

Conductive hearing loss is a common form of hearing loss that happens when damage or an obstruction to the outer or middle ear drum stops sound travelling through the ear to the ear drum and the minuscule bones of the inner ear. Depending on its cause, conductive...

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Is my hearing loss age-related?

The deterioration of our hearing can be a natural sign of getting older. The degree of age-related hearing loss or presbycusis, to give it its medical name, varies between individuals according to factors such as genetics and the environment the person has been...

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