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Welcome to The Hearing Centre. Our team of Audiologists specialise in hearing loss and tinnitus treatments. Our aim is to make our clients feel good about their hearing, so in an effort to provide quality, accurate fitting and fair pricing, we have established a service with the highest standards. Having close working relationships with The London Road Clinic enables us to solve the most complex hearing problems and help people who suffer with severe tinnitus. We specialise in advanced hearing investigations and digital hearing aids not available through the NHS. Our hearing centres are located in Leicester and Market Harborough.   Home visits are available throughout Leicestershire.


World Tinnitus Week 2019 focuses on tinnitus and isolation

World Tinnitus Week runs from February 4th to 10th and this year the theme is ‘Tinnitus and Isolation’. To mark this global event, the British Tinnitus Association is involved in a week of events and campaigning with the aim of helping those who are struggling with...

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Is your ear care regime causing loss of hearing?

Along with plucking eyebrows and clipping nails, using a cotton bud in an effort to clear excess earwax out of the ears is a part of many people’s personal care regime, so much so that it’s often something that becomes an automatic habit, ingrained since childhood. At...

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Is my ear damage irreparable?

At the Hearing Centre in Leicester, often the first thing our patients want to know when they are having hearing problems is whether the damage to their hearing is likely to be permanent. However, this usually depends on the nature of the hearing problem. The good...

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