Tinnitus can affect anyone, but for a performer who spends most nights in loud environments, the likelihood of developing the hearing problem increases.

As we’re sure you know, after going to a dance club or music concert, it’s likely that you will leave the venue experiencing ringing in ears for a couple of hours. The whole situation is far from kind to the ears. Now, while this can be a short term discomfort, for some, the ringing can stay for longer periods, weeks, months or maybe even forever.

The average night club’s sound system can range from 100DB to 115db. Action on Hearing Loss say that lengthy exposure to sounds over 85dB will cause damage to hearing,

Having to endure high levels of noise as a DJ, night in night out leaves the performer in more danger. Tinnitus can be a costly problem that can quickly develop for DJs. The speed at which it can happen was shown by Debi Ghose.

Debi had always been cautious with her hearing. As usual, before a concert, she picked up some ear plugs and during the gig, the right one fell out. The following morning, the DJ woke up with a searing pain and tinnitus in her right ear. Having tinnitus as a DJ can impact a career and lead to early retirement.

How DJs can tackle tinnitus

Tinnitus is a big issue in the dance music industry. To prevent the chance of tinnitus developing DJs can limit the length of their sets and the number of back-to-back gigs that they do. Ears need time to recover and when the follicles are fatigued, they are at their most vulnerable.

Ultimately, for all musicians, protection is vital. The technologies that are available now to protect hearing haven’t always been around and that’s the reason that amongst older musicians, a number have hearing problems, including tinnitus.

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