Motorcycle Hearing Protection

When riding your motorcycle you can be exposed to dangerous levels of noise which often exceed 100 dB. We therefore recommend that motorcyclist use noise protection when out on their bikes in order to protect them from future hearing loss.

Mi Bike

mi-bikeMi-Bike IEMs are extremely effective hearing protectors with built in speakers designed to offer the best audio experience possible under your helmet. Each pair is custom fitted so your ears will be protected from wind noise.

These hearing protectors connect to any GPS, MP3 player or intercom system with a standard 3.5mm jack and feature the same speakers professional musicians use to offer a breath-taking audio experience. Whether you want to communicate of listen to tunes when riding, Mi-Bike will let you hear clearly while protecting your hearing.

Prices start from £205.00


BikePlugs give you the protection you need for long rides, everyday commutes or high speed track racing, without isolating you from the road or your bike.

Prices start from £115.00

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