How to replace Signia WG 3.0 NanoCare Wax Guards

Signia WG 3.0 NanoCare wax guards are designed for use at the end of Signia 3.0 Receiver wires. They are designed to protect the receiver component from debris and wax build up.

We recommend as a general rule that you change the wax filter every 6 – 8 weeks, however If you feel that the sound is not as clear as normal we recommend changing the wax filter.


Signia 3.0 WG NanoCare wax guards are compatible with the following Signia hearing devices:


Pure Charge & Go AX
Pure AX 312
Styletto AX
Rexton BiCore R

Replacement 3.0 NanoCare Wax Guards can be purchased from our online store or simply select your required option below: