Full Hearing Assessment

If you’ve noticed a change to your hearing or have any concerns regarding your hearing, book a hearing assessment with one of our Audiologists online today.

At your assessment the Audiologist will ask about your lifestyle, go through your medical history, and perform a variety of tests – otoscopy, tympanometry, pure tone audiometry and speech tests.

If your hearing test results suggest that a hearing device might help we can discuss options with you and provide you with information to take away – There’s no obligation to purchase hearing aids.


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How do I know if I need a hearing test?

Around one in six adults in the UK will experience some degree of hearing loss. Hearing loss usually develops slowly over time and because of this you may not realise that it is getting worse. This is because the small, sensitive hair-like cells within the inner ear get worn out over the years.

When this happens you don’t simply go deaf, but it becomes more and more difficult to understand sounds clearly, particularly speech, and that can be even trickier if there is background sound.

In social environments such as a pub or restaurant it can be much harder to hear what people are saying and this can become extremely frustrating as it can sound as though people are mumbling.

Here are some of the signs of hearing loss that indicate it’s a good idea to get a hearing test:

Often have to ask people to repeat things

Confuse words that sound alike

People seem to mumble or not speak clearly

Avoiding social situations because it’s hard to follow other people’s conversations

Turning up the TV volume louder or needing subtitles

Struggle hearing people on the phone

Trouble hearing high pitched tones such as children’s voices

It’s difficult for you to follow conversations in loud environments such as restaurants

What happens at a hearing assessment?

Hearing Lifestyle

Your lifestyle

The first step in your journey to better hearing is to understand more about you and your lifestyle.

We will discuss with you and your family your work environment plus your hobbies and interests to get a better understanding of how hearing loss is impacting on your life.

Medical Hearing History

Medical History

We will then ask you questions about your medical history to explore whether your hearing loss may be linked to an underlying medical condition.


Ear Examination

Using an otoscope to look into your ears, the Audiologist will check that your ears are in healthy condition.

We will rule out that there is no obvious obstructions, inflammations or earwax build-ups that might be contributing to hearing loss.


Transfer your hearing care

Hearing Test

We will then conduct a pure tone audiometry test to determine if you have hearing loss and measures its severity.

Wearing specialist headphones in a sound booth, we will play a series of tones at different frequencies and decible levels,  asking you to respond when you hear them.

Where you stop being able to hear the tones will indicate your level of hearing.

Other Hearing Tests

Additional Tests

Dependant on the results of your medical report, ear examination and hearing test we may decide to conduct further tests if needed.

These tests include things such as tymponometry, uncomfortable loudness levels and speech tests.

Dont worry these test are perfectly normal and wont hurt. They allow us to get a better understanding of what is causing your hearing loss and how best to treat it.

Hearing Check

Results and Recommendations

At the end of the tests the Audiologist will discuss with you the results and answer any questions you might have.

Should you have a hearing loss we will provide you with information on hearing aid options and offer you the opportunity to book for a free 30 day trial of a device if you feel ready.

If your not ready for hearing aids thats not a problem, theres no obligation to trial or purchase a hearing aid.

How Much does a

hearing test cost?

If you are Over 60 Hearing Assessments at The Hearing Centre are completely free.

If you are under 60 we charge £50 for a hearing test.

This cost is discounted from any subsequent purchase of a hearing device.

There is no obligation to purchase a hearing aid even if we recommend this as further treatment.

Free Hearing Assessment

Why choose The Hearing Centre?

  • All our staff are degree qualified Audiologists and have over 30 years experience between them with strong links to local ENT consultants.
  • We have dedicated hearing centres, with the latest audiological equipment, open 5 days per week.
  • Transparent and fair pricing
  • Truely independant with no affiliation to any manufacturer and access to every device on the market.
  • More than just hearing aid dispencers, offering a range of services from paediatric testing to private bone anchored hearing aids and bone conduction glasses.

We are confident we will be able to continue to provide you with a great service should your hearing needs change.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Our hearing assessments are free of charge.

How much does it cost?

Our Hearing Assessments are free of charge for people over 60 years of age. If you are under 60 a charge of £50 will apply. Should you subsequently purchase a hearing device from ourselves we shall deduct this charge from the final purchase price. 

Where do you offer hearing assessments?

You can access our hearing assessment service at our clinics based in Birstall,  Ashby-de-la-Zouch and Market Harborough.

If you find a hearing loss how quickly could I trial a hearing device?

Dependant on your hearing loss and what device you wish to trial our usual practice is to facilitate a trial within a few weeks of your assessment.

What happens if the hearing loss is due to blocked ears?

If following examination of your ears we establish that the cause of your hearing problem is ear wax we will offer you the option for us to conduct ear wax removal via microsuction. Please see our Ear Wax Removal page for further information.

My doctor or a third party has requested I get a hearing test, can i use this service?

When completing hearing tests for GPs and Third Parties additional testing is required such as tympanometry.

We charge £35 for over 60 and £85 for under 60 for completing GP / Third Party diagnostic hearing tests. This includes the provision of a written report for you to take away.

If you wish for further information on diagnostic hearing tests please call us on 0116 254 3909.