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Swimming Ear Plugs are ideal if you enjoy swimming but have grommets or are susceptible to ear infections. Their ‘full shell’ design provides a consistently effective barrier against water ingress into the ear whilst swimming.

Swimmers’ ear plugs come with a detachable cord for quick location and easy insertion and are colour-coded left and right. You can customise the appearance of your earplugs by adding more colours or laser etching,  especially good for children – it makes their SwimPlugs ‘fun’. Swimmers’ earplugs provide a medically safe solution to water-borne infection and other auditory complications resulting from water in the ear.

Prices start from £78.95


These pre-formed earplugs prevent water entering the ear whilst swimming with head above the water, showering etc. The special acoustic filters ensure that you continue to hear sufficient ambient noise.


Clear silicone ear putty is reusable and can be moulded to the shape of the ear. They can be stored in the handy carrying container and reused until they lose their tackiness. It is recommended you discard after 2 weeks of use.

Designed to be worn with ear plugs or moulds whilst swimming, in the bath/shower to keep ears dry. Our Headbands fit Ages 6 months – 12 years. They are also reversible so you can choose to wear either a plain colour or pattern on the outside. Headbands come in a choice of pink or green.

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