Runners ear phones

Runners Ear Phones

Running with headphones can be a great way to pass the time when you are putting in the miles. But if you enjoy listening to music or podcasts whilst running – you’ll know all about the hassle of earbud headphones regularly slipping out of your ears. The good news is that there is a practical solution that stops this problem once and for all.

Now we all know that finger prints are unique, but did you know that your ears are unique too? Each set are a different size and shape which is why some people have more problems with earbuds that others – or you may find that your headphones slip out more from your right ear that the left one.

But you can put all that behind you now.

At the London Road Hearing Centre we can create a non-slip silicone headphone ‘sleeve’ that is moulded to fit your ear perfectly. They work with almost all makes and models of earbud headphones and will give you a snug comfortable fit that means you can forget about your headphones and concentrate on your running.


  • runningA customised pair of sleeves with last you for many years – but only cost the price of a decent pair of headphones.
  • By being a better fit, more background noise is eliminated meaning you can enjoy better sound quality whist playing your music at lower levels and therefore protecting your ears.
  • Fitting your new customised earbud sleeves couldn’t be simpler. Just make an appointment at our Leicester or Market Harborough branch where an impression of your ears will be taken by our Audiologist.

Prices for a standard set of customised ‘sleeves’ start at £95 including fitting.

For more information or to book an appointment contact us on 0116 254 3909 or book online.