Motor Sport Hearing Protection

Motorsport Hearing Protection

Enjoying the sounds of the engine is all part of the fun of following motor racing however with F1 car engines reaching levels of 120 dB there is the potential to be exposed to dangerous noise levels. Our range of motorsport noise protection provide a hearing protection for participants and spectators.

Mi Communicator

Mi-In Ear Communication Monitors feature High grade Transducers with Acu Pass MI Communicatortechnology. Built for applications which require accurate clear communication with noise isolation.

Minerva’s unique custom design ensures they protect against unwanted noise whilst connecting you to your radio comms system, team intercom, communication or any other equipment able to accept a 3.5mm jack plug. Giving unparalleled natural sound clarity.
They feature the same speakers that professional musicians use to offer a breath-taking audio experience.

Also available with optional handles for easy and quick insertion and removal.

Prices start from £205.00

Motor Racing Plugs

Motor Racing Plugs utilise exclusive technology to provide ultimate protection with communication. The filter in each earplug allows damaging and high levels of noise to be isolated, whilst still allowing speech to be audible.

Prices start from £115.00

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