Invisible hearing aids

Invisible Hearing Aids

Are you looking for an ultra-discreet hearing solution?

But still want excellent sound quality?

Then we have the Hearing Aid solution for you!

Our smallest hearing aids are so small that they are practically invisible in your ears, which is why they are called invisible in the canal (IIC) aids. These hearing aids are custom made to your ears and fit deeper into the ear canal than any other aid, taking advantage of the ear’s natural resonance and localisation features.

The cosmetically appealing IIC is not only popular for its looks but for its sound quality as well.  The miniature device has the latest technology built in, featuring the fastest processors with programs that enhance your speech intelligibility giving you a unique listening experience. They are now also available wirelessly which means you have access to additional programs and Bluetooth devices.

Knowing that your hearing aid won’t be seen will give you the added confidence to enjoy life and cherish those special moments with the family and friends.

To find out if you’re suitable for IIC hearing aids or to discuss any other products we offer please contact us on 0116 254 3909 or book an appointment online