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Welcome to The Hearing Centre. Our team of Audiologists specialise in hearing loss and tinnitus treatments. Our aim is to make our clients feel good about their hearing, so in an effort to provide quality, accurate fitting and fair pricing, we have established a service with the highest standards. Having close working relationships with The London Road Clinic and The Tinnitus Clinic enables us to solve the most complex hearing problems and help people who suffer with severe tinnitus. We specialise in advanced hearing investigations and digital hearing aids not available through the NHS. Our hearing centres are located in Leicester, Market Harborough, Ashby-de-la-Zouch and Birmingham.


How earphones damage hearing

Whether it’s going out from a run, sat on a bus/train or on a stroll through the countryside, we all use headphones at some point in our lives. If used correctly they pose little concern for users. The problem starts when there’s a lot of background noise to battle...

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Common Causes of Tinnitus in Leicester

What is tinnitus? Tinnitus usually occurs when exposure to loud noises cause damage to the nerve cells in your ear, which send sound signals to your brain.  When these cells are damaged, it can cause you to hear sounds (usually ringing, clicking or buzzing) when there...

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How much can diet affect hearing?

There are many reasons why one might make efforts to have a healthy diet: reducing cholesterol, lowering the risk of diabetes or just keeping yourself at a healthy weight. One area that most probably won’t be thought of is a healthy diet’s relationship with your...

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